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I am looking to hire someone for 4 different variations of a logo.

I am starting a company called "A.R.M.R. Investing"

This company will design various soft wares and produce various products. Things from Real Estate to social media marketing.

A.R.M.R. Investing
sounds like Armor so I am thinking maybe for this logo we should use some form of a shield?

A.R.M.R. is the initials of my wife's name mixed with mine. Amanda Roberts Michael Roberts

The winner of this project will need to provide me with four different ideas on this logo with four different mock ups. Then when I pick one I like I will need the final revision done.

I really like 3D logos and want this logo to be really well done not just a cheap cartoon/flat simple logo.

4 Different Variations of a LOGO
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Budget: $30-250, Employer: mroberts23, Time: 11/22/2009 at 9:35 EST
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