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Please take a look at the file in the attachment for more details.

We are looking for a creative designer to re-create an attractive flyer and website for us. We will provide you with a sample and some elements to include on the flyer and on the website.

A- The flyer
Our requirement is something that embraces vivacity + dynamism with sophisticated/ abstract edges.

1- We like clean, contemporary, lively, and professional design.
2- For our logo, we need to have the name of the company in it (written in orange with the beware fonts) + any design that you could come up with (like a globe or something representing a “B” with a speed sensation).

3- To insist on all the advantages of our products : Unlimited internet+ Telephony for only 44.95 $ / Month

For the internet : High-speed ADSL
Download speed up to 5 Mbps
Upload speed up to 800 Kbps
Unlimited traffic (Up & down)
Cable and Wireless connection

For the telephony : Caller ID
Call waiting
3-way calling
Unlimited and free local calls
Plus contact information and 1800-123-4567

4- We need the original PSD files.

B- The website
The website should respect the following points :

- The main template should look like and
• Flash on home page (4 pictures sliding smoothly) with the following messages:
o On the bundle slide the price is 44.95$ the message is :
English: Get More For Less
French: L’illimité à Prix Limité
For your understanding (The French idea is: unlimited service for limited price )
o On the Internet slide the message is
English: Ride With The Best
French: Surfez en toute liberté
(The French idea is: surf freely)
o On the VoIP slide the message is
English: The service that has it all
French: La Téléphonie qui a « Tout compris »!
(The French idea is: the telephony that understand your needs)
o On the Call-back slide the message is
English: Scared of your next cell phone bill?
French: Téléphonez sans compter
(The French idea is: call without counting)

Nice to have: a small social media icons on the right bottom of the sliding area linking to our pages
Please take a look to the following link

clik here for all projects
Budget: $30-250, Employer: it2is, Time: 11/23/2009 at 22:01 EST
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