"logo design process according to David Airey"

*The brand identity design process

Design brief
Detailed design brief function ensures that no time is wasted, and that the client receives a targeted design choices from the beginning. Brief helps to focus attention on areas which serve the best in the business questions, ensuring a good outcome relevant and effective.

Research and brainstorming
I spent time considering the answers, and then start the second stage of the process-research and brainstorming. What should I consider here? Client competition, trends in the market, what determines whether a separate client, business history, the future, the brand now, and who aspire towards.

Once again, it is important to provide as much information as possible in a short design / questionnaire, to enable a comprehensive approach to research and brainstorming.

Sketch ideas helped to produce a large number of possible directions. Most of them will eventually be excessive, but the point is to think laterally and not any rule in order to achieve the most effective logo design. David often mention in the blog post sketches and portfolio entries, and this is also the method used by disciplines other design-web design, architecture and other

Each brandmark is displayed in the graphic design portfolio contains a small sample sketches.

Rendering / prototype design
This stage involves taking our ideas and transfer them to a computer, and into Adobe Illustrator. The number of customers get design variations depending on how much the result of effective

Creative presentation / client feedback

Design choices is sent via a PDF file, such as polished ideas. They will be formatted in black-on-white, and white-on-black, helping clients to concentrate on the shape and form of identity, and not disturbed by the easy-changing aesthetic. Color, if used, is left until the end.

Now the client to spend some time to think about what has been provided. David always welcome questions or suggestions as possible.

Finishing touches / revisions
The following client reviews, and then complete either the identity, or make revisions proposed and agreed upon. The main goal is to create a brand identity that works for each business, and worked for years to come, and will always be flexibility in the process.

File creation and supply
Once completed, David makes the vector artwork and send it via email.

Vector files (primarily used for printed projects) can be scaled to any size without losing quality, unlike the raster files (primarily used online), which became pixelated when enlarged.

supply the original files for use in print and online. we can accommodate the needs of specific file request.

Optional business stationery
Brandmarks design used for various purposes. You can see them on your website, business cards, vehicles, and billboards. Additional business collateral is a choice.

You can see examples of business cards has been designed Savid in my portfolio, and David also shows personal card here.

Customer service
Service to clients does not end once they've paid the last installment. Many stay in touch, whether it is to get his opinion on the design, to provide design examples in their context, or just to say hi.

* Have your say

Are you a design client who join-up with a graphic designer in the past? If so, what is your experience?

Maybe you are a designer with a different design process. I'd love to learn how you do things differently.
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