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 With new buyers and providers joining hourly, and a host of new features"go to | | "  launched in recent months, Odesk knew go to Customer Support  team would face new challenges. Director Mike Barnett recently boosted live chat support hours to around-the-clock coverage, and we asked him how he takes a top-notch team of providers — one that has maintained a 90% customer satisfaction during dramatic expansion — and scale up even further.

Mike's fast-growing department now has 32 representatives divided into three teams, with all members and team leaders being remote providers. That's a large team to manage, but when asked about it, Mike just smiles.

"The oDesk platform makes it easy," he says. "The Team app integrates chat and work review tools to give me a complete, 360-degree picture."

He offers a few remote-management tips:

    * Teach new providers how the team works, and its goals, expectations and values.
    * You, or your team leaders, should hold a weekly conference call to share new information with representatives.
    * An always-on group chat (on Skype) lets team members share information and ideas on the fly.


    * Establish a structured training process and a probationary hiring period.
    * Use weekly or biweekly training sessions to teach and refresh skills.


    * Share metrics to encourage high performance and audit chats to provide coaching.
    * Pay bonuses to top workers.
    * Let providers know they can grow in the job, and show a clear path to do so.

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